Sunset Project in Hiyama sub-prefectural area !

by Hiyama Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Everybody may be waiting for sunset and night on the heated-up islands to cool down the body and head. It is so hot and humid in the main island of Japan but in Hokkaido, it's hot and dry comparatively.
Today I post other photos of sunsets taken in Hiyama Sub-prefectural area.    
 Above is the photo taken in Imagane Town where the clearest river in Japan, Shiribeshi Toshibetsu River is flowing. Good old pastoral scenery with sunset can be found in Imagane Town.

On the right is the photo taken from the Port of OTOBE Town that is one of the biggest port in Hiyama sub-prefectural area. The beautiful sunset scenery can be seen from the port.
This photo was taken from Gennadai area that has the ocean pool for swimming. This is one of the best spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery with sunset.  
This photo was taken from Miyanomori Park of OTOBE Town from where even the ships far away can be seen.
Shall I call it an eternal flame ?
"Close your eyes, give me your hand, Darling. Do you feel my heart beating ? Do you understand・・・・・・・"
This photo was taken in TATE area of Assabu Town where the agricultural fields are spreading. The sunset can be seen from the valley. The municipality is seeking the way to become the most wonderful town of depopulation.

by Kazu

Thanks a lot for wonderful photos of sunset !

Is it still hot today ?
I will not be able to enjoy summer vacation this year !

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