Longing for Camping !

 by Kazu

Have you gone camping this year ?
I have not enjoyed camping this year because it has been difficult to find time to do that with my wife who is always busy.
We love to watch the fire after dinner when camping but we've not seen this scene this year.
 On this weekend, I will visit my friend in Nanporo Town and enjoy BBQ with his family.  Before that, I will take part in the lantern festival YOHTAKA ANDON Matsuri in Numata Town on Saturday.
I have itchy feet to head to Numata Town. We are so looking forward to seeing the huge lanterns and the festival that allure thousands of people from other area of Hokkaido and Japan.
Besides, did I post these photos of the tree house in Shiranuka Town that I stayed in before ?
 A small stove is inside the tree house and the luggage should be lifted up with the rope on the right.
 Of course, as the rope runs in the pulley, it is easy to lift up your luggage with this system.  
The deck is not so large but has an enough space for setting chairs and a table.  

A bath is outside of and under the tree house. It is very comfortable to soak myself in the bath tub surrounded by trees and the smell of the forest.
 It is much cooler in the forest than on the plain. I strongly recommend to try this tree house but it is so popular that it may be difficult to reserve the tree house in summer.  
My wife also enjoyed the forest bath.  It does not take so long to warm up the water in the bath tub. I am eager to sleep  in the forest, listening to the chorus of insects.
Have you enjoyed your day off or summer vacation enough ?
Let's hit the road and explore in Hokkaido !

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