People in Hokkaido bring tents to the beach !

by Kazu

In order to protect their skin from the strong sunshine in summer, each household in Hokkaido brings tent for camping.  Of course, some of the families stay til next morning but most of them are enjoying day-camping with Japanese BBQ set.
The sea water was not so warm today but many kids were fully enjoyed their summer vacation.    
Shakotan Peninsula has many beautiful and comparatively safe coves. Wave blockers were set and the area the people can swim is so limited for safety of kids in this season, so I enjoy snorkeling around the wave blockers with my wife at the end of August through mid September when the lifeguards are not seen on the beach albeit I never recommend to kids.
The beach is filled with the smell of Jingisukan pot and BBQ as well as burning charcoal.
Please keep an eye on kids on the beach !