Waterfalls in Maruseppu !

by Kazu

The waterfalls are 15 km away from the downtown of Maruseppu Town and 200 meters from the parking area.
The name is Yamahiko.

 It was very calm and the sound of river flow can not be heard from the entrance of the trail to the waterfall.
A small  shrine is beside the trail.
The rocks are covered with moss and the air is filled with moist.
 Old trees fell down on the trail.
 The water flow is clear but please do not drink even if you are so thirsty.
Because Echinococcus granulosusmay be in the water that are delivered by foxes.

Most of Japanese love the atmosphere around waterfalls that are filled with minus ion which is said to have the power to strengthen the immune system of human.
You can go into the backside of the waterfall.
This angle is from the side of the waterfall.
 This shot is from the backside.
 The amount of water is fewer than usual because of the lack of rain.
The setting sunshine can be seen slightly over the waterfall. I will post the other waterfall tomorrow.