Sunflower Park in Hokuryu Town !

by Kazu

This is Cape Ofuyu from Mashike Town.
The Sea of Japan was very calm and the temperature was going up but it was my working day, speaking of afternoon.
I  have not imagine the wedding ceremony in the sunflower fields but can it appeal to the people in Asia?
All the sunflowers are heading to the south but the fully blooming area is changing as time goes by. The municipality of Hokryu posted that the sunflowers can be seen until the beginning of August.
 A hectic amount of seeds will be harvested from the beginning of September.
 Moulin Rouge sunflowers are also blooming fully near the entrance of the park.
I think this is the best sunflower in the park. This kind of sunflower is from France. Would you visit Hokuryu Town this weekend ?