BBQ Tamura again !

by Kazu

"Niku-no-Kappou TAMURA" headquartered in Bihoro Town, Okhotsk sub-prefectural area, has a branch in BISSE Building of Sapporo City. The title means "Japanese High Quality Ristorante of meat".
It is a pity that non-smoking area is not designated in the restaurant like in the flagship restaurant.

So you may have to bear the smell of smoke of cigarette while you are enjoying super delicious grilled or sauteed beef.

Above is the appetizer of the beefsteak lunch in the restaurant. Marinated sliced octopus with sliced onion is on the right. The sour taste stimulates our appetite and brain.    
This is one of my favorites, a kind of seaweed Hijiki in Japanese and Hizikia fusiformis in English. ??  It's a kind of Sargassum. Boiled with soy-sauce and broth, Hijiki and the meat make up my favorite harmony on my tongue. This is "in" for me these days and blooming with chopped carrot in my lunch box.  
Prosciutto is playing a role to make us ready for eating beefsteak like the steps to upstairs. The cold but tasteful feeling stimulates my brain enough before the main dish.

The delicious appetizer and the steak make me forget to take photos. Please imagine that five more pieces of steak and grilled veggies are on the dish. The sweetness and the soft touch of this super beef made the restaurant group have developed steadily.  
Citrus taste sorbet wrap up the lunch. The melted sweet fat on my tongue was wiped off by the slight sour taste of citrus completely. I think too much fatty meat may spoil our health but the that of this quality meat can be addictive. Please be careful !  
I am so sorry for failing to take photos of whole lunch before I ate up the delicious meat .
The URL of the branch of the restaurant group in BISSE building Sapporo is


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