Hokkaido Italian "Pasta SATO" in Bibai City !

by Kazu

It is the first time to introduce this pasta restaurant in Bibai City. The name is Pasta SATO.  It looks like a normal house in the residential area of Bibai City.
The chimney is covered with the leaves of ivy and the entrance is decorated with various kinds of dolls, sculptures and Christmas wreath.
 it may be difficult to find this restaurant beside the small road. There is no parkinmg area but two cars can be parked in front of the restaurant.
It seems that the owner chef made the most of the old house and remodeled that by himself.
 This is the entrance of the restaurant. There is a gap at the entrance because the restaurant was used as a residence but you do not have to take off your shoes in the restaurant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

 This is the inside of the restaurant. Gourmet comics "Oishinbo"and various kinds of salt from all over the world are in the shelves.
In summer, the chef strongly recommends cold pasta and if you want to hot spaghetti, he may decline your order and recommend his specialty again.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Only ten chairs are around the table and four stools are at the counter. So many celebrities visited the restaurant and savor the pasta topped with organic veggies.
 The photos of the celebrities are on the wall. The dough of the pasta contains veggies sourced locally.
Each table is decorated with small flowers in the cup.
 These salts are from the North Africa, Mongolia, Pakistan and other area on this globe.
 This is the mascot of Japan Victor audio company. It is the traditional character that is listening to the sound of record.
 This is the cold pasta the chef strongly recommended. The tomatoes are not raised in Bibai City but from adjacent area. The volume is a little bit too much for females, I think.
The flat pasta is flavored with vinegar sauce like marinated food. The pasta is not dried, so the feeling in the mouth is so nice and comfortable.  It is 900 Japanese yen.
 This is also the cold pasta the chef recommended. Topped with mushroom, fishcake, veggies and Japanese dried bonito flakes Katsuobushi, Japanese taste is slipped in the bowl. It is 1,000 Japanese yen.
It was a little bit too cool inside the restaurant and the pasta was cold, my wife wanted hot dishes later.
 I am not sure when this restaurant got so famous and popular but it seems that the taste grabbed the stomach of the people.
This soup was also cold but tasty. My wife left the soup because she started to feel cold.
Blue berry, blackcurrant and Chinese lantern were the desert. The chef raises these plant by himself.
Would you try the cold pasta that can be savored until the end of this month ?

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