Iwamizawa City in Summer !

by Kazu

We were asked to contribute our two cents' worth .as the municipality of Iwamizawa began to discuss the future vision about tourism.
The bullet train transportation system will be expanded to Hakodate City and in service in March of 2016. The profit should be delivered to all parts of Hokkaido.

This photo was taken from the lookout of Iwamizawa Park. It was still cool  on that day.  
We don't have any projects to play up the beautiful sunset but we also have the stock of photos as shown on the right.
Though the coal mine industry had gone to the dogs in this area, the fireworks still excite the citizens with their beautiful explosion made up by the high-degrees of craftsmanship.
Have you enjoyed the fireworks enough this year ?
Some local festivals are in the tube and waiting for the eruption in Hokkaido !