Jinnai Farm 21 in Urausu Town !

by Kazu

I don't think that I have posted the photos of this farm of state-of-the-art  technology.The name is Jinnai Farm that is the namesake of the founder Mr. Ryoichi Jinnai who also established a short-time cashing company ACOM.
The farm is like a ideal farm village with the houses for the staff and beautiful scenery.
The flower garden in the courtyard is well-maintained by the staff.
 The seedlings of veggies and fruit are raised in this greenhouses that has the air conditioning system which is making use of tons of ice that was made in winter. In the huge warehouses that has windows and thousands of trays in the shelves for stock the ice, the trays are filled up with water by pouring water on the top trays. The water fills up each tray as the glasses of Champagne tower are filled up. After all the trays are filled up with water, all the windows are opened and the cold air comes into the warehouse and freeze up the water in winter.
 During summer, the temperature in the greenhouses are controlled with the cold air from the warehouses of ice. The initial investment were tremendous but in comparison with collecting snow that may contain garbage in winter, it is much easier to make use of the cold air in winter.
 The seedlings are sold to the farmer in Urausu Town. This is the stable system to deliver the seedlings to the farmers. It is like a real Shangri-La in this world.
Mango, starfruit, passion fruit and fig are raised in the farm and those fruit are sold at the shop in the roadside station in Tsurununa area of Urausu Town.
Red-haired cattle are also raised in the farm and can be purchased at
but it is written only in Japanese.

The farm accepts trainees to become farmers and entrepreneurs. The details are at

Would you found a farming company in Sorachi sub-prefectural area?

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