Lunch in Kuriyama Town !

by Kazu

I did not know that many top dogs and celebrities have had lunch or dinner in this restaurant "Haraheeta" in Kuriyama Town.
It is near the railway station of Kuriyama Town.  Recently, a famous personality Laura visited there with a female comedian Barbie born in this town.  
Every time I visit this restaurant, it is filled up with many people eating their own favorite on the menu. I think the base of the menu is Chinese cuisine but Japanese  BBQ "Yakiniku" can be savored at night. The volume of each dish is so much that comparatively the price is reasonable.  
Pork cutlet curry was my choice on that day. The quality was superb and satisfied me enough. I have not done bar-hopping in Kuriyama Town but I will do that before I leave Sorachi sub-prefectural area absolutely albeit I need a chauffeur to do that actually.
I strongly recommend to try the restaurant and "Ajidokoro" that was designated as the single star restaurant on "Guide Rouge", Michelin Guide Book.

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