YOHTAKA Andon (Lantern) Festival 2013 in Numata Town!

by Kazu

 I am very sorry to have kept you waiting.
I really enjoyed the night of beautiful huge lanterns and their fight on August 24(Sat.).
Mr. Yokoyama called the shot in the festival and kindly took care of us. He is the key person in the municipality of Numata.  
 Due to uncertain weather on that day, all the lanterns were covered with plastic sheets until no more rain fall is assured.
Many tourists and citizens were keeping their position on the sidewalk to see the parade of huge lanterns. I crossed my fingers and toes drinking beer.
This lantern was made by the chambers and commerce of Numata Town.
Everybody was looking forward to the sunset and lighting them.
 A Canadian party was visiting and staying in Numata Town and gave us the patch of Maple Leaf.
All the lanterns and the staff were staying on each position, waiting for the start of the second day of the festival.
 Food stands and vendors enjoyed the bottom line of their books on the day.
This is the last stage of the lantern fights and these seats are reserved for the mayor, the members of town council and the guests from other area, including us.
In front of the railway station, it is still calm but please check out the scenery of the night tomorrow.
This is the railway station in Numata Town that connects Fukagawa City and Rumoi City on the coast.
Several trains goes and back on this rail in a day. There is no stationmaster and station officials. This is the direction to Fukagawa City.
To avoid misunderstanding of the location, "Ishikari" is put on the name of the town.
For the beer sold at the stand in the event, they provided so nice drought beer at this stand.

Skewered grilled chicken and pork were also nice because the bistros in the town closed their original and concentrate their efforts to these stands.

I will post the photos taken in the night tomorrow.  Please be looking forward to them !

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