Shibetsu City in Kamikawa sub-prefectural area !

 by Gen
 Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government

Shibetsu City is approximately 50 km north of Asdahikawa City and has many "buena vista" in its area.

This is the trail to the hilltop in the veggie field. My heart leaps up every time I visit this area.  

 The large veggie field can be seen with the blue sky from the hilltop.
 This is field mustard in the city. This is like canola field in Takikawa City.
The city is in the hollow and surrounded mountains. Various kinds of livestock can be seen in the hilly area. Is this photo like in Iceland, isn't it ?  
 This is Lake IWAONAI.  It is very calm around the lake. It is so nice to walk around the lake but please do not forget to have the bells to avoid bear attack.
Before winter, such kinds of beautiful scenery should be savored but the manner for trekking should be kept by the trekkers, I think.

Would you hit the road and walk in the forest this weekend ? The weather is not preferable for swimming and diving this weekend.