The Star Festival in Shin Totsukawa Town !

by Kazu

Tanabata Festival was held in child's house in Shin-Totsukawa Town ans 25 kids attended to the festival.

The children made up their own oblong cards on which their hopes are described and hang them on the branches of willow trees set for the festival.

On the oblong cards, their hopes such as "I wan to be a patissier ", "I hope that there will be no traffic accident." were described.

We have to protect the future of these kids as well as the innocent kids on this globe from the liars, don't we.

Some countries are still making the most of the way for brainwashing by using the mal-education to the innocent nation as it was used in Japan before.
Never use brainwashing or like-brain washing education under the dominant governing party.
It can happen even in democratic countries ! 

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