Lavender and Lily in Yuni Garden !

by Kazu

At the beginning of flower season, crocus plays up the opening of the Uni Garden subtly like clockwork and tulip follows as if it is the relay of the blooming flowers in spring.
At the beginning of summer, one million and twenty thousand linaria can fill up your heart with something warm and hilarious.
Various kinds of roses with amazing aroma are blooming in the rose garden until mid autumn and the protagonist of the garden changes every week as time goes by. It was designated as the sacred area for lovers in the spring of 2008. There are a cafe and a restaurant where the culinary delights made of fresh veggies sourced locally can be savored. It is one of the best place to visit with your family, friends and lover.
Open  April~August 9:00~18:00
Sept.~Oct.    9:00~17:00
Entrance FeeAdult: 600 Japanese yen
Grade School Student: 300 Japanese yen
2-134, Fushimi, Yuni Town, Hokkaido
ContactYuni Garden ℡0123-82-2001

◆Lily, Hydrangia Festival 
July 20(Sat.)~August 25(Sun.)