Waterfalls in Maruseppu Town 2 !

 by Kazu

The waterfall is five hundred meters away from "Yamahiko Waterfall" that I posted yesterday and the trail that connects the two waterfalls is built but Rokumei Waterfall is two hundred meters from this entrance beside the road.
Compared to the trail to approach Yamahiko Waterfall, most of this trail is covered with the leaves of plants, so please be careful if you visit this area.
This waterfall is not so huge but the air is filled with minus ion and solemn atmosphere. Of course, footprints of some kinds of animals can be seen on the trail.
 It is so cool around the waterfall. It seems that  the lack of rainfall minimized the size of this waterfall.
This is a small small waterfall at the north end of Japan. Most of the people on this globe won't see it but it exists in the forest of Maruseppu Town.