YOHTAKA Andon (Lantern) Festival in Numata Town !

by Kazu

I am so looking forward to joining the festival to be held in Numata Town tonight and tomorrow.
These photos were taken by myself last year. As my wife and I was guided by Mr. Yokoyama inthe municipality of Numata, I could take the photos from this angle.
 The lantern fight is only one in Hokkaido. Those huge and  small sixteen lanterns were made up in this three months by the citizens of Numata Town and will play up the festival.
I heard that the municipality of Numata would use the new lantern in the fight this year. The lantern parade starts at a quarter to seven in the evening each day.
The lantern fight begins at a quarter to eight and ends at a half past nine in the evening.  
You can experience to paint up the lantern in the information center of Numata Town at 13:00 on August 24(Sat.).
Stamp rally event will be held, in which the top quality rice called "Secchuumai" may be given if you get all the stamp. The local specialty fair is also held at 16:00 on 23(Fri.) and at 14:00 on 24(Sat.)

The festival is much more exciting than the tour to overseas, I think.

See you in Numata tomorrow !