Footpath Event will be held in Utashinai City !

Words by Kazu
Photos by the Municipality of Utashinai

This vineyard was developed on the former open-pit coalmine in Utashinai City. Some kinds of special mineral peculiar to coalmine may affect to the quality of grapes and wine made from the grapes.    
This kind of Japanese chipmunks have a fluffy tail different from the ones in the north America. The stripe on their backs are almost the same as the ones in the north America but the tail is different.
This is not the flow of lava but the night view of Utashinai City. When the coalmine industry were in full flourish, the city was glaring much more than now even in the night. Yes, the city did not sleep in that era but now, it is the smallest city after the coalmine industry nose-dived.

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