The winner of the quiz!

by Kazu

Congratulations, Madam S !

 I really appreciate your attention to this blog and the right answer to the question of the month!

 Yes! The photo of the quiz was taken in Mori-no-Uta in Jozankei area of Sapporo City run by Tsuruga Hotel Group headquartered in Akan National Park.
It was the elevator hall on the ground floor in the hotel .
Many citizens and tourists enjoy the lunch and spa course in this hotel everyday as well as Mizu-no-Oto Hotel on the coast of Lake Shikotsu that is also run by Tsuruga Hotel Group.    http://www.morino-uta.com/

  I will send the present provided by Kobayashi Brewery in Kuriyama Town,
Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido, to the winner soon. Please give me the address to send the Japanese sake set in your convenient time.
  Thank you again for replying to the quiz of the month, Madam S !

  The quiz of the month in May will be posted next week and may be difficult even for the citizens of the city because the place to be on the photo is like a hidden palce apparently. But the hints that I will post will lead everybody to the right answer, absolutely.

Thank you again for attention to the blog and find beautiful, heartwarming or eyeball-popping scenery and events in Hokkaido! Enjoy your stay !