New Naie hot springs "Kita-no-Yu, Comfortable Hotel of Michelin!

by Kazu (Copyright of photos: Naie Town)

It has got the appraisal of Michelin's Guide Book!
The tagline of this hotsprings "Kita-no-Yu" in Naie Town is "hot springs for beauty". The spa has the quality water that mekes female's skin sleek and soft. This spa is the good place to visit when you are at a loss about your career path. Please get your bearings in this hotel and spa.
The spa area is well-designed for the highest comfort and relaxation.  
 Outside bath is so nice, in particular this season, to soak in for long time even in daytime, watching birds and pale greens of the mountains.
Inside field of athletic field is convenient for families to enjoy their stay even if the weather is not good for leisure.
 Its game-corner is filled with the game machines but not so noisy.
The souvenir shop is so tidy and filled with local contents as well as  "Kitty goods" that is now in the boom all over the world.
 Japanese and western style room is comfortable for youngsters and businessman .

Japanese style room is of regular type in all hot spring spa and hotel in this country. Complete relaxation will be obtained in such room. The room of this type may be the tried-and-true lay-out of the hotel room in hot spring area.
Gratis shuttle bus is available for tourists and citizens.
Party plan for dinner varies from 3,000 to 10,000 Japanese yen and please chek it before using the place at the URL above.  

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