How to cook the spring 2, Bamboo shoots!

by Chiseko

Please do not eat too much bomboo shoots that cause an upset stomach particularly if the scum has not been taken off, the heartburn is guranteed.
But banboo shoots processed appropriately are the best to eat to feel the spring of each year. 
 Insert the knife to the stem.
To the thick part, shallowly.
To the thin part, deeply.
 To take off the scum of bamboo shoots, use the water that washed up rice.
The amount of water to boil up the bamboo shoots is depends on the amount of bamboo shoots to be boiled.
 Wash the rice with water.
Separate the water from the pot to boil the rice.
 After boiled up the water that washed up the rice, put the bamboo shoots in the hot water.
Boil the bamboo shoots for 4-6 minutes. The scum of bamboo shoots can be seen on the surface of the water. The scum is the compound of oxalic acid and something. 
Cutting the center of bamboo shoots make it easier to strip bamboo shoots. 
 Boiled bamboo shoots with mayo and miso which is fermented soybeans paste are my favorite.
 I can not drink alcoholic drinks but my husband who is called the King of Beer drank plenty of beer with the bamboo shoots that night.
Stripping bamboo shoots is much easier than stripping fuki I introduced priviously on this blog.
Please try bamboo shoots in Hokkaido in this season. Those bamboo shoots are very thin compared to the thick one in the main island of Japan and like asparagus. The debris left should be treated appropriately and let's pray and thank to god!