Ramen Harukichi in Kitami City, Okhotsk

 by Kazu

It seems that the Chinese-Japanese noodle soup restaurant Harukichi is "in"  for the Japanese people in Kitami recently. It is in Taisho District of Kitami City and near Ryokuryo High School.
The owner chef is well-trained in a famous ramen restaurant in Sapporo City and it can be understood once you have a sip of the soup.
Righthand side is soy-sauce and broth based ramen noodle soup.
The thick noodle is the symbol of Sapporo ramen ancestry.
 Miso-based noodle soup is the typical taste of Hokkaido ramen.

This is the big draw of this restaurant. Hot spicy chitterling noodle soup, can I say?
It is so hot that I had to take 3 hours to digest and go to washroom 12 hours later despite it was at midnight.
But the taste was so good that many Japanese said "Yabai" while eating. Yabai means dangerous in Japanese but young people use the word when they have very nice cuisine and feel delicious.
The quiz of the month will be posted next week and will be very difficult, I think.
Have a nice weekend!