"Seize The Day" while you still can!

by Andy (U.K.)

I was sad to discover that one of my favourite restaurants in Iwamizawa is closing at the end of this month. Seize The Day has been very popular with the expats in Iwamizawa, and it's a real shame to see it go. So, if you want one last taste of their excellent soup curry, you have until May 31st to visit.
The owner is closing the restaurant to go travelling around the USA and Canada. He said that he would be returning to Sorachi to open another restaurant, but he's not sure when, or where it'll be. I hope I'm still living in Sorachi when he comes back!

Seize the Day will be sorely missed. If you still have a loyalty card for the restaurant, you can redeem your points against your final meal without needing to fill up your card.

There is also a small craft shop attached to the restaurant which will be closing too. There are discounts available on all items until May 31st.
This is your last chance to visit, so I'd recommend you Seize The Day before it's too late!

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