Quiz of the month in April, 2012 !

by Kazu

Thank you very much for quick response!
But the photo I posted yesterday was not taken in Nibushi-no-sato hotel.
The atmosphere is similar but the photo was taken in the elevetor hall of a certain hotel.

Hint 1 : It was in the outskirt of Sapporo City.
Hint 2 : The hotel is run by famous hotel group headquarterd in the eastern part of Hokkaido.
Hint 3 : Lunch & Hotspring Bath is the biggest draw in this hotel as it is in another hotel of this group
near the lake.

The more response I have, the more the hints become clear. But I have to beat around the bush !

I think absolutely somebody will get the right answer and win sake set contributed by Kobayashi Brewery in Kuriyama Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.

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