TOMEI(東明) Park in Bibai City,Sorachi

by Kazu

Why Japanese people love cherry blossoms so much.  I think the flowers can be seen without leaves so pure colour of pink and white make the scenery like a dream. Phlox subulata (Moss phlox) makes the same kind of scenery on the slope of the mountains in Takinoue Town
and OZORA Town, Okhotsk sub-prefectural area.
After the long winter in Hokkaido, everybody enjoys the beauty of the flowers blooming early in spring.
As I discribed before, Cherry bossoms are the symbol of hidden love of females in Japan but sometimes the beauty of the blossoms and alcoholic drinks drive some people crazy in the party under the trees.

Tomei Park in Bibai City is covered with the pink of cherry blossoms in this season, with the orange, white and pink of azalea in June and the red and yellow of foliage in atutumn.
From the lookout of this park, Kabato Mountains located on the north side of Bibai City and the plain of Sorachi can be seen clearly.
 The tower of lookout named "Space carillon" was built celebrating 100th
anniversary of founding city.

Lonliness is another image of these trees in spite of their beauty, I think.

The same kind of scenery can be seen along Potomac River in Washington D.C. now ?
Cherry blossoms keep blooming even at night and the lit-up blossoms are tremendously beautiful.
Please be intoxicated with the blossoms in this season!

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