Hints of the Quiz,May

by Kazu

This is the city located in the eastern part of Hokkaid and the photo was taken from the hillside of the mountain in the northern area of the hollow.
The duration of daylight in this city is the longest in Japan, so solar power generating system is very popular in the city. .     
 A botanical garden is adjacent to the area of the quiz of the month.
I am not sure how many people in the city have been to this area because I have not met anybody on this path early in the morning.
 Many plants of mint can be seen in this city even now.
Of course, it is prohibited to use the path in the forest as a motor-cycle course.
 The trees of banana and other tropical plants are in the green house.

And this is the venue of the quiz. The name is stone garden.
Again, what's the name of the city?
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