Sounkyo, Daisetsuzan National Park Photo Museum Opened !

by Gen (Japan)

I contribute an article with photos for the first time. Please enjoy with me the superb scenery of the mountainous area in the center part of Hokkaido!

The volume 1 is the introduction of “Sounkyo, Daisetsuzan National Park Photo Museum” that opened on May 1(Tue.) in Sounkyo Area of Kamikawa Town famous with nice hot spring bath onsen, cliffs and precipices in canyon with Mt.Kurodake.

The building of this museum had been used as an elementary school named Sounkyo gradeschool that was abolished 2 years ago and refurbished by the municipality of Kamikawa The main entrance of the museum is like that of lodges in mountainous area which make the excellent harmony with the nature surrounding the building. 
Exhibited are the compiled photos of 200 pieces that were selected from 100,000 works of photos taken for over 50 years by the mountains photographer, Mr. Kouetsu ICHINEI   who is inaugurated as the superintendent of the museum.

The large-sized photos focused on the seasons are the main part of the exhibition, such as the photos of Mt.Asahidake turned red by the setting sun, Daisetsu mountains colored with autumnal foliage in late fall, Mt. Tomuraushi white in winter. Those photos are expressing well the magnificent beauty of nature in Daisetsu mountainous area.

Please visit the museum and Sounkyo area in Kamikawa Town to have a look on the photos and the real mountains with beautiful skylines.

Address of the Museum: Sounkyo, Kamikawa Town, Kamikawa District, Hokkaido
Postal code :078-1701 
 URL: http://museum.sounkyo-daisetsu.jp
Open 9:00 -18:00May 1-October 31
Entrance fee  300Japanese Yen
(200 Japanese Yen for groups composed of over 10 people

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