If I had any kids, the kindergarten would be fine to raise them!

by Kazu

I have introduced the park and kindergarten before.
The name of the park is Arte Piazza Bibai. It is located in the suburb of Bibai City facing to mountainous area.
 Mr.Kan Yasuda, the sculptor born in Bibai City visits his hometown once a year and gives some directions to maintain the concept of this park and the kindergarten.
His works can be seen here and there in the park where many kids and families visit all the year round.
The circumstances in the park are so nice that the kindergarten in it is so popular that it may requires the parents of kids a harsh competition to let them enter. 
I have no kids but can imagine easily that the kids in this kindergarten can have happy infancy in this area with their families and friends.
 The kindergarten is in the building built as a grade school. The grade school had abolished and the
 building of the school had got the second wing to carry the kids in their infancy. 
  What do they think of the sculptures in their kindergarten and the park ?
What can they get out of the place for their happiness?
Even at the pace of stairs, some objects are placed as they were born on the spot. 
 Different from weekday, it is very calm in the building. Just the floor of the aisle is squeaking with the dreamy melody of birds.
The works of Mr.Yasuda are existing there actually but they are mixed with a kind of nostalgia and colour the memories of ourselves.
 Those sculptures are made of marble and unbreakable even by the enfant-terrible.
It is not the result of the work of kids with the desire of destroying.
 I think it shows the bud of a plant but I am not sure.
 The handle of the earth?
The cafeteria in the park was introduced by myself and these logs are for the stove in the cafeteria. I love the smell  of woods.
 Can you remember the cafe?
This is like the head of sperm whale.

The countenance of the park and the sculptures changes in a day, in season, in years.

The trail near the cafe has some bells to avoid bear attack.
Can you remember the time we share in this park, Norm ?
I will send you email soon.

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