Rokumeikan Hotel in Yubari, Michelin's recommendation.

by Kazu

The hotel is in the forest like a hideout. The name is Rokumeikan that is the namesake of Japanese
national guesthouse built in Tokyo in Meiji Era followed by Taisho Era.  

The building was owned by a coalmine company in Yubari City and was used as a guesthouse.
I m not sure if I could call the entrance hall "rotunda" but the space is filled up with many antiques with nice taste.
 A Japanese rickshaw and traditional attire for female were at the entrance hall.
I can  imagine easily how tough to clean up the room with many object and sculptures.
 This is the room where former Japanese emperor Hirohito and his wife stayed in.
The former guesthouse of an private company that run coalmines was used for receiving Japanese emperor.
 The decoration of the adjacent room is so simple and comfortable.
The guesthouse was called Shika-no-tani club. Shika-no-tani means the valley of deer.  Many deers can be seen even now in the courtyard.
 The restroom is old type.
The western style bowl in the area where the emperor stayed is prohibited to use now.
 Many rooms of Japanese style are in the hotel but this room is for the special guest like the emperor. Its maintenance may be tough job.
 The corridor is so nice and tidy with a graceful scenery that the guests can spent long time in the area.  
  Board members of the coalmine company and so many guests visited the guesthouse many years ago during the industry is in full flourish in Yubari City. 
A small fortune is poured in the guesthouse.
 These Japanese traditional attires are rented to the guests including the brides who threw the wedding party.
These antiques were kept in the guesthouse even the coalmine company closed the office in Yubari City and left Hokkaido. 
 Almost everything in the building is as it was many years ago.
As a result, the coalmine company could employ many workers in its mine but had to pay for the  casualties and their families after the explosion in the gallery and the shaft of the coalmine.
 Those costs may be covered with the premium the company had paid to the insurance companies and that is the reason why these antiques were kept in the building even after many workers passed away in the explosion or filling up the gallery and shaft with water to extinguish the fire.
The corridor of light is filled with lamps and windows of stained glasses.
Approximately 150 lamps of stained glass are exhibited in he corridor of the hotel.
The lamps and windows of stained glass glitter and sparkle brilliantly, showing a variety of countenances, depending on the

 brightness of the light from outside and inside of the building. During "magic hour" at sunset, the romantic lighting of new and old taste from the stained glass plays up the quality time and yourself.
Even the stairs are decorated with the beautiful lamps.
The fancy dresses exhibited in the hotel stimulate our imagination and let us dive in the world of Taisho Era in Japan. A small ball room is in this hotel.
French Restaurant "Milady" in this hotel is on the list of Michelin's  Guide Book and recommended to visit. 
  The concept of this restaurant is “to serve the guests with the French cuisine that is made of foods sourced locally in each season and  that can be tried and recognized the true value of itself only in Yubari City.
□□□□■□□□□■□□□□■  Menu for Lunch
Saison(Season) Lunch            ¥1,800
Vegetable Plate Lunch          ¥2,300
Vegetable Plate Course            ¥3,000
Vegetable French Course         ¥4,500
□□□□■□□□□■□□□□■ Menu for Dinner
Vegetable Plate Dinner          ¥3,600
Vegetable Plate Course                ¥4,500
Vegetable Dinner French Course        ¥6,000
Special Course arranged by the  Chef      ¥9,000 ~
Each course and plate of excellence satisfy your eyesight and tongue with the cuisine and dishes that can be enjoyed only in Yubari City.
Having bona fide French cuisine in the romantic building with the taste of Taisho Era, and seeing the beautiful courtyard that has various countenances in each season, would you have a time of elegance as if a milady attended to a dinner party?
Please enjoy the feast the chef Mr.Hiromi Masukawa cooked up painstakingly with sincerity.
On top of the cuisine of quality, the atmosphere in the restaurant is so comfortable.
 I am not sure if the restaurant will be able to keep its current atmosphere like a hideout or not after being on the list of Michelin's Guide Book but it is a good season to try the restaurant for the first time, I think.
This is the "Saison Lunch" composed of seasonal salad,  pot-au-feu and marinated yakon with steamed rice.
 The pot-au-feu was so nice and the meat was so soft and tasteful.
The dessert was chocolate mousse and creme pudding with strawberry sauce.
Creme pudding is upper side and chocolate mousse is under the pudding.

Hot spring spa is also in the hotel.
Please try the hotel and restaurant before many guests swamp to the hotel after reading Michelin's Guide.


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