Japanese apricot "Ume"festival in Mikasa City, Sorachi!

by Kazu

Thank you very much for visiting this blog site, giving me comments and responding to the quiz !

I will post the quiz of the month in the middle of coming June. It may be as difficult as the quiz in May for expatriates in Hokkaido but I
 will post enough information to reach the right  answer as well.

Everybody is enjoying this beautiful season in Hokkaido?

Japanese Apricot Festival "Ume Matsuri " was held in Mikasa City on May 20(Sun.).  
The citizens and visitors from other area had to park their car and be carried to the venue of the festival by shuttle bus.
The sun is shining. I felt good with my wife and her mother.
The people who got over the heavy snow and cold winter should be blessed by those beautiful flowers.
But many trees of apricot and cherry are damaged by the heavy snow that attacted this area harshly.

The trees are in full flourish with the power they stocked last year. They are like the flare of life burnuing in spring.
I am not sure if the trees are pleased with the voice "beautiful!" like the females or not. But the flowers and blossoms are blooming as if they are competing the beauty each other. 
I may be a fish out of water in such a beautiful garden but even for the freak like me, the beauty of flowers and blossoms can be appreciated every year.
To see the contrast of various colors of flowers and blue blue sky is the pleasure of our lives.
 Have you eaten Petasites japonicus
"FUKI" in Japan? It is used as a kind of herb in some country. I took some fuki in spring and enjoy the peculiar smell and bitter taste every spring as well as bamboo shoots.
I will post how to cook fuki and bamboo shoots in Japan!

By the way, the indian curry restaurant in Iwamizawa City "Bombay Blue " that Andy from the
 United Kingdom introduced on this blog previously set their stand in the venue of the festival.

And what surprized me in the venue of the festival is Chilean restaurant and the sparerib they provided.
Its salsa of chile was so nice with the volume of porksteak. I am not sure in which city the restaurant named MOAI is entertaining people.
If anybody knows about this restaurant, please give me the information on the restaurant.
I will go the restaurant once a month
at least. Even for the people born introvert, the atmosphere of the South America makes them extrovert for some time.
I am eager to have the sparerib of restaurant MOAI!