Ajidokoro (Bistro) OGAWA in Iwamizawa City

by Kazu

It seems that the bistros in Hokkaido is diving into the cut-throat competition to invite more guests to their premises.
Particularly in Sapporo City, every Japanese bistro called Izakaya and more contemporary space to share happy time with friends and colleagues drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks,are providing the passengers with more competitive price and attractive menu, competing each other.  
I think expatriates in Sapporo City have already noticed that many staff members of such bistro were crying out the price of drinking alcohol drinks, for example, 800 to 1,000 Japanese yen for 90 minutes, in front of Sapporo JR station and other part of downtown in Sapporo city.
Of course, the labor costs have to be minimized to run the bistro and to get the sound bottom line.  
In Iwamizawa City, the competition is not so tough compared to Sapporo City.
This is Ajidokoro Ogawa where my supreior visits frequently because the menu of Japanese sake that he loves is superb.
Bowsing the Japanese website introducing and evaluating the restaurants and bistros, this Ogawa seems to have excellnt stable reputation.
 The cosy space is built making use of the premises of Japanese Inn, ryokan named Mikazuki(Crescent) adjacent to this bistro.
Every dishes served by a beautiful mother satisfies the guests to the maximum.
The top photo is the boiled flatfish favoured with soysauce, sugar, salt and ginger that my grandmother loved.  
Even such high grade bistro had to figure out the competitive price for drinking, cntemplating the cost and profit balance. Lefthandside is the variation of set menu. A pint of beer and three kinds of dishes called "quick satisfaction without thinking". Drinking beer and and other kinds of alcoholic drinks for 60 minutes costs 1,000 yen. Three glasses of your favorite alcoholic drinks and three kinds of small dishes costs 2,000 yen. Drinking beer and other kinds of alcoholic drinks for 0 minutes and three kinds of small dishes with sushi grade fresh fish Sashimi costs 3,000 yen. Speaking of the price, we can find more competitive bistro in Sapporo City but the grade of cuisine in this bistro Ogawa is recommendable, particularly for real adults.   

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