Ajidokoro has got a single star of Michelin Guide Book !

by Kazu

Before the English version of Michelin Guide Book for Hokkaido is issued, I introduce the restaurants and hotels that were on the guide book as I did about Naie hot spring spa and hotel previously.

Ajidokoro in Kuriyama Town was introduced on this blog before and I am very pleased to hear that the hidden restaurant has got on the Michelin Guide Book.
 As I mentioned before the building of the restaurant is like a normal house for family.
The URL is

The entrance has the appropriate atmosphere.
 Going through the gate made of wood and straw,
the restaurant like a hideout appears.
This is the symbol of the goodwill of this restaurant and made of linen.
 The sculpture of a cat standing and inviting guests is at the entrance hall of the restaurant.
Two sets of tables can be used for couples .
 This is the opposite side of the tables.
This is the room for the feast and symposium.
 The alcove of the room and the hanging scroll are so sophisticated and shows the hospitality of the chef.
The lighting of the aisle is so subtle and stimulates our imagination.
 The starter is the fishball soup with seaweed.
Pickled veggies and mackerel processed with  vinegar make the best matching with Japanese sake.
Grilled cod ? with fermented soybean paste is authentic in Japanese quisine and can be said "promised dish".
Grilled or boiled clam with veggies refreshes up the mouth and gets us ready for the next dish.
 I forgot the feeling when I had this dessert but I remember I was at the peak of happiness provided by the restaurant.
Cold green tea is appropriate drink to cool down our enthusiasm and let us keep the happiness to our heart for long time.

Thank you again Mr.Tsubakihara, the mayor of Kuriyama Town, for inviting us to the restaurant of high quality!

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