Iwamizawa -Yubari line repaired !

by Kazu

The shortest route that connect Iwamizawa City and Yubari City has been repaired and opened. The both roadside of the pass is still covered with snow but the road condition is good and not slippery.
On our way from Iwamizawa City through Miruto Area and Manji Area where the coalmines had been  
in full flourish, we could find very nice hot spring spa and hotel Maple Lodge. I have not tried it before but I have invited some guests to the lodge last year. It may be a hidden place for perfect pleasure for adults and families. Miruto and Manji Area produces delicious apples but because of the landslide of the roadside last year, fewer people visited the orchards and roadside markets in this area that sells the local produces including the delicious apples, compared to the usual.
Please drive through the winding road in this area and enjoy the rural part near Sapporo City!   

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