Power of Snow: 2 !

by Kazu

What is this machine for?
It is for classification of asparagus according to the size.
 Many female part-time workers are hitting their strides in selecting asparagus of each category.
Some of the asparagus are categorized as "not for the market" and a herd of sheep in Nishikawa Farm in Bibai City eat up the asparagus to become nice lamb.
 Even in Japan and even now,  to treat the veggies and fruit of high quality softly and to extend the sincerity to the consumers, the process should be done by living human.
Labour costs ?
Yes, the management of the company have to struggle with the bottom line and cut down on the overheads of financial report.
But to think of what is the competitive edge of the company is the name of the game.  
 And to share the recognition what is the best-selling part of the company among the employees is more important.

In order to cut down on the cost to run the company, it is making the most of the god bless in winter.
This is the warehouse of the company named "YUKIGURA BIJIN" which means the beauty in the warehouse of snow.
The asparagus waiting for shipping is stocked in the snow-warehouse for a few days to a week.
In normal fridges,  the asparagus and other veggies loose the moisture but the warehouse kept its temperature low with snow can keep the moisture of veggies without loosing the weight on which the market price is based.
Blocks of snow in the cage are carried from the huge warehouse of snow that contains rice crops in the same city after winter has gone but if this warehouse could feed snow by itself, the cost to keep the contents cool would nose-dive again.
Heavy snow attacked the city and neighbours in winter of this year but some of them are made the most of in the same area.

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