Quiz of the month, May!

by Kazu

Straight to the point, where is this garden ?
The city that built this garden is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. It is very cold in this city in winter.
If anybody found the name of the city where this garden was built,
 please send the answer to
In the garden , such Judas's-ear or mashroom can be seen.
Anybody has seen this scenery already ?
It looks like a hidden place because the approach way can not be seen from the road for vehicles. I am not sure how many people know about this garden even in the city.
A huge greenhouse can be seen over the hill.
If any answers were sent to my email address or posted on this blog as comments, I will provide with next hint for the right answer.

The winner of this quiz will get the present produced in Kamikawa sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido Government. The photo of the present will be posted soon.


  1. You did good job! You've shared it all beautiful and this is different type post. I also read the quiz posts but this quiz post different and unique. This is type always helpful for Make your own quiz. Keep it on...

  2. Thank you very much for comments and attention. I will visit the URL you posted. The quiz of the month for May may be very difficult even for citizens in the city where the garden is. I am not sure it is appropriate quiz for expatriates in Hokkaido, Japan but I will guide them to the right answer by posting appropriate hints on this blog. It is like a treasure hunting or journey in Hokkaido that makes the expats get to know about Hokkaido including Sorachi sub-prefectural area that I in charge of.
    Thank you again for visiting this blog site.