Towers of the shaft

 by Kazu

I hope I am quicker on my feet and can better respond to the needs of the people living in coalmine area in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
But it was the first time for me to visit the shaft of coalmine in Sunagawa City and Utashinai City.
Lefthand side is the shaft tower in Sunagawa City .
It may be difficult to find this symbolic tower without the guide.
Righthand side is the shaft of the tower in Utashinai City. Both of them has not rusted so much but of course it is prohibited to enter the premises.
Coalmine companies are reluctant to demolish the tower bacause it costs too much and some of the citizens asked the companies to leave the towers.
They must be symbol ic for the people working for the companies but it is a tough call for the citizens to  build a concensus  to reserve those curious buildings spending a hectic amount of money for revitalizing the area making the use of the towers.   

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