Power of Snow:1 !

by Kazu

What do you think it is?
It is in the industrial area of Bibai City.
It is not the mere mountain of wood chips.
The wood chips are used as insulator to keep the snow mountain in it.
This is the data center of Bibai City. Its air-conditioning system uses the snow accumulated in winter to cool down the servers and computers inside the building.
This industrial area was developed many years ago but even now it has enough space to sell in lots.
The access to New Chitose(Sapporo)
international Airport or the Port of New Ishikari from this industrial area is so good and no fear of tsunami in this area.
We have to learn something from the gigantic earthquake and O-TSUNAMI that hit the coast of the eastern part of Japan.
This area is not earthquake-prone and the countermeasures against the heavy snow in winter will be organized and carried out immediately.
"Disaster-proof industrial area" making the use of heavy snow in summer, can I say? 
I would be very happy if the real estate in this area would sell like pancakes!

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