It's the taste of Showa Era in retrospect.

by Kazu
In English, "Dady's Diner", can I say?
It's image is diner, considering the naming of this restaurant but the variety of menu satisfies everybody.
It is on the roadside of the route???
that connects Iwamizawa City and Kuriyama town.  It is in Kurisawa Area of Iwamizawa City.
It seems to be derived from the ramen restaurant in Manji Area which I introduced on the previous blog. But as the coalmine company that had taken root in the area  closed its shaft and gallery of coalmine and its business, the ramen restaurant named Kobato Ramen had to be closed and change the premises to run the restaurant. Kobato means small pegion.
A red lantern is the typical sign of Japanese bistro "Izakaya" and Japanese-Chinese noodle soup restaurant in Japan. 

A ramen stand is displayed in the restaurant that reminds us the early stage of Showa Era followed by current Heisei Era in Japan. Ramen stands and Oden stands in downtown attract most of the Japanese like bars in the United Kingdom.
Japanese displays made of wax in the showcase of each restaurant can be said "a kind of art", can't they?

I am not sure how the owner of this restaurant collected those classical items from the toys to the materials of the building.
The walls are covered with zinc board.

The restaurant was picked up in the local news paper and after that many visitors swamped to the restaurant seeking for their scenery in their minds.
The space is like the living room in the early 1960's of middle class households.
The owner must have thrown in the small fortune to collect these items but they can be collected former coalmine area that flourished over 30 years ago.
the cutlet bowl in this restaurant is huge.
These area the typical cuisine in the diners in Showa Era.
The base is Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
For the mania of these items including toys, this "Iron Man No.28" is the target of bidding and the price is ????? with no roof.
The miniature of train to carry the coals shows the prosperity of Manji Area many years ago.
Actually there had been a railway that connects the center part of Iwamizawa and the Manji area in mountainsaide.
Everything has gone with a wind of economic prosperity and the needs of coals sourced domestically.
Please, God bless the people in the former coalmine area in Hokkaido.

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