Restaurant IZUMO in Teshikaga!

by Kazu

This is not the quiz of the month.
At the corner of Route 243 and Route 52 in Teshikaga Town in eastern part of Hokkaido,  a buckwheat noodle soup restarant IZUMO (出雲) can be found easily.
Please check the site that posts the photo of the restaurant at

Tamago-toji-soba can be said as
Buckwheat Hot Noodle soup topped with fried-egg flavoured with soy-sauce and broth.
It can warm up our body and heart in such cold and rainy spring.
 Various kinds of set menu for lunch and dinner the restaurant has and the prices are a little bit higher than other restaurant of the same kind such as Fukujumi Restaurant Group that has a branch near the restaurant IZUMO.
Pork Cutlet sauteed with egg with rice and buckwheat noodle soup seems to be the most popular set in this restaurant. 
Dried seaweed gives us a good smell and stimulate the apptite of us Japanese.
I have never seen the person who dislike Katsu-Don or was discouraged by the taste of it.    
After every annual fasting before the medical check-up, my stomach wants the clinary delight for folks so much.
I heard that it is very popular even in Manhattan, New York City as much as Ramen noodle soup. It should be provided all over the world but before it become, please visit Hokkaido and try it!