Mebunryo in Tokachi!

by Kazu

I would not like to post political comments on this blog site but some sites seem to be annoyed by some ideological or political comments.
"All the mistakes we have made must be faced today" as Queen discribed but I hope  this site will not be the stage for ideological dispute. 
 Above is the entrance of buckwheat noodle soup restaurant "Mebunryo" in Shimizu Town, Tokachi sub-prefectural area.
The restaurant use the buckwheat of the best quality in each day and today the restaurant made the noodle from the buckwheat flour from Naganuma Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. In last fall, bickwheat flour from Numata Town in Sorachi was used for their best performane.  
In this season, soy-sauce-based aged hot soup flavored with broth and chicken is the most popular to soak the buckwheat noodle.
Chicken breast or thigh with burdock is the main contents of this soup.  I used the word "aged" for the soup but in direct translation,  "sauce-slept-well" may express the nuance much more appopriately.
In Numata Town, there is a buckwheat noodle soup restaurant that has got single star of the Michelin Guide Book this year. Asimoi(明日萌) is the name of the restaurant as well as the area the restaurant is.  

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