Present to the winner, Quiz of the month, May

by Kazu

This is the present for the winner of the quiz.
I think every visitor to the blog will get the hang of answering to the quiz and the hints I post on this blog.
Chocolate sabl'e (butter cookie), KURANAMA is the name of this sweet.
I've not tried it before but my friend in Asahikawa will send me soon.
"It took two years to develop this sabl'e," said the CEO of ROBA Confectionery, Ms.Mikiko Suido.  (Roba means donkey in Japanese.)
"Through the common acquaintances, I asked the coeds of a circle in colleges in Tokyo to try the trial products and to fill up the questionnaires in order to get a handle of the needs the expected consumers show.  Researching the comments from youngsters and elders, I made the most of the results of the probe and our confectionery had developed this sabl'e KURANAMA. After the discussions of everyday in two years,we reached this sabl'e at the end of the day," Ms.Suido stressed that the sabl'e had been developed by main force of her company.

 Her aggressive way for expansion of sales such as building and activating the factory just for making this sabl'e Kuranama in the industrial park in Asahikawa City astounded the business community.

 Besides her enthusiasm to this sabl'e, the package design has been changed three times and amended  and that shows her affusive ardor of this sweet. On top of the sabl'e of normal type coloured white or black, the golden sabl'e was added to the line of products and Ms.Suido wants to develop a new type of sabl'e to be remarkable.


  1. Hi Chise,
    I read your blog. You've said it all beautiful. Your all posts really appreciated. I like this type posts. Good Job! Keep it on...

  2. I am struggling with the report and homework in my first year of the post-graduate course in a university, handling my job account. So sometimes my husband is asked to post articles with photos by me.
    I will ask my husband to post hints that lead the viewrs to the right answer. I have to be a quick study for the next few month and climb a sharp learning curve about my special study in my college and blog.
    Thank you very much for visiting this site and posting comments!