Night in Obihiro, Tokachi sub-prefectural area

by Kazu
Sorachi subprefectural area produces the most and best rice crops, about 46%,  in Hokkaido but the speaking of stockbreeding and producing peas, soybeans, beetsand vegies, Tokachi subprefectural area of Hokkaido is one of the biggest producers in Hokkaido and Japan.

 Japanese Izakaya(Bistro) KAKASHI is one of my favorites in Hokkaido.
Basically,  sauteed pork and onion flavoured with soysauce and honey or so-called teriyaki sauce on the rice, buta-don ! made the city more famous than before and nowadays many Japanese restaurants compete each other and are pursuing the best recipe of buta-don not only in Obihiro City but also in all Hokkaido. Many tourists are waiting in line in front of Restaurant panchou  but buta-dons provided by other restaurants are  also superb! 
Dried and grilled "Hokke", a kind of cod, should be eaten in Hokkaido. In main island of Japan, Honshu, not-dried-enough and grilled "Shima(srtiped)-Hokke" gives negetive reputation to the people from hokkaido. What we eat in Hokkaido is "Ma(bona fide)-Hokke" and the surface grilled turned the colour of amber brown like caramel sauce and the taste is not watery.    
 Please compare grilled "ma-hokke" with "shima-hokke".
Skewered and grilled pork with onion can be said as my soul food that my grand mother had cooked for me for  long time. Salt & pepper is the best for flavouring in case the quality of pork is excellent and produced in Hokkaido.  Considering the climate and the quality of pork in Hokkaido, the best ham and sausage can be made even in Hokkaido like in Spain, I think.  Please find KAKASHI in Obihiro and check it out at 
but only in Japanese so please pick the photos and imagine.

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