Winter in Ashibetsu City !

by Soracchi

Wow ! This is so solemn and glorious scenery that I can feel the amazing grace

This is gradual Shinjou pass on the way from Asahikawa City to Ashibetsu City from where the glorious and magnificent white and silver scenery can be seen. It is one of the best view points in Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.♪
The photos were provided by the Municipality of Ashibetsu.
On the left is the bridge over Tanzan River. The bridge had been

and maintained by the railway company that had carried coal.
The diesel locomotive D501 that had been made in 1964 and in use until 1989 is still place on the bridge.

On the right and below are the photos of the national sky course in Ashibetsu City.

The length of the course is 1,600m and the inclination is 11 degrees 、so gentle that the course is appropriate for novice skiers and snow-boarders. 

Would you enjoy winter sports a little bit more this season ?

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