For the promotion of my wife !

by Kazu

What I was requested by my wife for her promotion in Anti-tuberculosis Association headed by Princess Kiko Akishinomiya was DRY AGED BEEFSTEAK in this steak house "43 degrees" which means the latitude of Hokkaido Island.
The starter was the salad bar which contains smoked salmon, smoked and peppered pork, pickled veggies, marine of sliced octopus ,
 shrimp with mayonnaise, sliced red radish, kidney beans, iceberg lettuce, lotus root, baby corn, seafood gratin, petit tomatoes, chicken breast boiled with broth and so forth.
Needless to  say, the salad bar is buffet style.
Boston clam chowder and chicken consomme were the soup of the day.        
To be honest, I prefer the lean of the beef to the typical marbled beef in Japan when I eat the beef.
When the deregulation of importing American beef, Japanese cattle raisers created the Japanese marbled beef brand that fit SUKIYAKI to a T because the marbled beef is easier to cut even with chopsticks.
Of course, it is good for senior people to obtain the quality protein.  

I love the meat sticking to the bone. Sorry for failing to take photos of the plate filled with the MIEDIUM served by the maitre d.'
The maitre d' recommend Medium Rare but my wife and I recommend Medium to reduce the smell of aged beef.  
Odori park can be seen from the restaurant in "Bisse". After the snow festival in Sapporo City that allure millions of people every year, something may be constructed beside the main street from the railway station.
These are chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and mocha-taste ice cream with sweet red-beans paste. Creme brulee could  not be seen on the counter at this moment but I got two of them ten minutes later.
Please have a look at the vivid color of the restaurant at    http://43steakhouse.jp/
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Should we start a business to save the kids or the nation that is cheated by the countries of greed or egoism ? Altruistic behavior must be completed in this world.
Have a great weekend !  

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