New Chitose Airport 1 !

by Kazu

When the International terminal of New Chitose International Airport was built, various kinds of attractions and food court was amply equipped as well as the hot spring bath to spend transit time comfortably.
Movie film theaters also opened on the third floor of the terminal building.
This is one of the most favorite animation character for kids in Japan and Asia, "Doraemon".
The character goods store and "the Sky Park" of the character account for a
large space beside the promenade from the domestic terminal and the international.  
"Doraemon" which is the cat-type robot that came from the future by time machine in the story and his sister robot "Dorami-chan"has been one of the most popular comic and animation for a long time in Japan and even now the characters and the story are giving dream and comfort to the kids and adults in Japan.
Long trips including flights are so stressful and exhausting for kids  because their world is very small within the area that is controlled and supervised by their mom and dad. The small world is very comfortable for kids. But if there is such wonderful amusement park for kids, the stress  to the kids may be reduced.
To be continued.

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