Delegation to Taiwan 1 !

by Kazu

The seafood restaurant "Umeko" is used by many Japanese and Taiwanese people in Taipei.
The display in front of the restaurant was so Taiwanese and good taste.
 After coming back to Ambassador Hotel Taipei, I had to prepare for the courtesy call to pay next day. The souvenirs to the authorities and private entities in Taiwan accounted for the most of space in my room.

It took not so much time to fill up the bath tub. The bathroom was so comfortable to soak my body in the hot water.

 Just after arriving in the hotel, my room was cluttered with souvenirs and materials for promotion of the tourism in Sorach sub-prefectural area.
I will come back to this Ambassador Hotel with my wife in not-so-distanced future.
This is the hotel I found on my way of jogging early in the morning on March 19(Wed.) . Our interpreter said that she had worked for this hotel before.
These sculptures were in front of the hotel. I think they contribute to the sales of the hotel based on Taiwanese feng shui.
 The morning of Taipei started very early.
This is the park that can be reached by jogging in 10 minutes.
Some of the senior citizens started Tai-chi exercise and I joined them with a smile. They received me very kindly without asking.  
The statue of a horse rider seemed to head to west but am I right ?

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