Typical Binge Drinking in Hokkaido 2 !

 by Kazu

Naganuma night continued for more than three hours and I could not soak my body in the hot spring bath of Naganuma Onsen in the evening.
This aged and experienced bunny girl did her best to receive us all in the cozy hole-in-the-wall. The dancing and singing continued for hours and I was concerned that I would not able to go back to the hotel, to be honest.  
 This type of binge drinking custom is common in other countries ?
It is in the small town of Sorachi sub-prefectural area. Basically, the key industry of Naganuma Town is agriculture and manufacturing processed food but as it is near Sapporo City, it works as the bed town of Sapporo.
I like to see my friends and colleagues eating, drinking, talking happily.

These two gentlemen have to shoulder the future of the town for the citizens including their family.
I hope I will be able to give them timely and good support for the rosy future of Hokkaido.

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