Golden Rendezvous in Taipei 3 !

 by Kazu

This is the sauteed intestine of the milk fish and shredded ginger. Can you imagine the taste?
It is like "Horumon" in Japanese BBQ restaurant.
On the right is Taiwanese omelet that contains oysters inside.  It gave me the ample power to go through the tough and long day.
To be honest, we came back to the hotel late in the evening the day before. Of course, after having the fourth meal on the day.
 On top of that, I had this buffet style breakfast before having the typical national breakfast of Taiwanese people with Taro-san and Franky. Even so, the Taiwanese national breakfast in the diner grabbed my heart and stomach.
These are the miso soup and con gee topped with pickled veggie, sour apricot, peanuts, seaweed and minced meat.
I could not believe that I had this amount of breakfast on the day !
Because I got no extra pounds in the business jaunt to Taiwan !

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