Golden Rendezvous in Taipei 2 !

by Kazu

What do you think this is ?
It is called "milk fish" in English.
My friend in Taipei Taro-san explained that it is so-called national fish as most of the nation eat this fish as soup or con gee.  
 It has so many bones in the belly that the staff of the diner takes time to take off the bones. The taste of the soup was so nice and very kind to my stomach, particularly the next morning of binge drinking.
This is very rare dish that can not be ordered late in the morning because the amount of the material is so limited. Thank you very much for so nice experience, Taro-san and Mr. Franky Hsiao !
This dish is fried intestine of the milk fish and shredded ginger. The president of Taiwan also has this dish in this diner ?
Sauteed veggie was also so nice that I was so impressed the way of Taiwanese cuisine to have veggies so nicely.
I was so energized with these Taiwanese cuisine and I am convinced of the source of the power Taiwanese people showed us.


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