In retrospect, DOKAYUKI Matsuri !

by Soracchi

On February 15(Sat.) and 16(Sun.), Dokayuki Matsuri which means "Heavy Snowfall Festival" was held and many sculptures made with snow and ice by the citizens and the Self-defense force.
On the left are the mascot characters of the professional baseball team in Hokkaido Nipponham Fighters, BB Bear and his girlfriend.

 The snow chutes were swamped by the kids who enjoyed the speed on the slides.
One of the chutes had a relief of myself "Soracchi" on the hillside.

I found the stand set up by "IWAHO" the information and local products promotion center of Iwamizawa City and the lunch boxes named "New Iwamizawa Ekimaru Lunchbox" were sold. 

It seemed that the packages of the lunchboxes were made, based on the image of the cart that carried the coal produced in the outskirts of Iwamizawa City before.  
I really enjoyed the snow in Iwamizawa City as well as the culinary delights developed and sourced locally so much that I am satisfied with "Iwamizawa" amply ! 

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