Hokkaido-Thailand Relationship 2 !

by Kazu

What  do you think this room is for ?
We were given a Thailand-style massage in this room for three hours .
Of course, this is in Thailand.
So relaxed and hypnotized with the atmosphere without drugs, a certain kind of herb oil was rubbed into our body at first.
In case of Hokkaido, it is like motels for a specific purpose but the healthy and exotic atmosphere with the aroma of herbs was so addictive without hallucinogen in Thailand.  

Behind this wall is the bathroom of this cottage on the premise of massage center near Phrom Phong station.
On the second stage, we were given a special massage including stretches like "Chicken Wing".
And on the third stage, steamed towels were put on our bodies like moxibustion.  

As Hokkaido is addictive for the people in Thailand, Thailand may be addictive for the people in Hokkaido who have to bear the heavy snow and freezing temperature.

 Skilled and experienced female massage masters in Thailand are waiting for the people in Hokkaido to give the second wing that enable us to bear the rest of this winter !

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